Driftwood – A New Glamping and Boutique Hotel with a Private, 3 min. Walking Trail to Playa Pelada Sand

Playa Pelada, Section A, Nosara Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
$950,000 2536 m2
11 Bed
10 Bath

Nestled in between the pristine sandy beach of Playa Pelada and the lush Guanacaste jungle lies Driftwood Glamping & Boutique Hotel. Located a mere 200 meters from the beach, reachable through a lovely jungle walk in which you can see monkeys and toucans, Driftwood offers the unique experience of sleeping in one of the magnificent suite bedrooms with AC, or glamping in luxury bell tents without giving up the comforts of home, surrounded by beautiful organic vegetable gardens, an infinity swimming pool overlooking the jungle, and the sounds of nature.

Built using eco-friendly materials and technology according to the principles of the green philosophy of glamping, we offer a memorable chic and funky experience for your stay in Nosara.


We built Driftwood Hotel using sustainable materials such as rock that we took from our own land, and decorated the rooms with local driftwood.

All our beds and most of the furniture is made from recycled pallets.

We applied bio climatic principles when building and orienting the rooms in order to get the most sea breeze and northern winds possible to keep the rooms cooler and reduce the use of AC.

All our waste water (grey and black water) is treated through a constructed wetland and a bio digester that allows us to reuse the water for underground irrigation of our ornamental plants.

Additionally, we capture rainwater that is used in the garden.

We didn’t disturb or cut any mature tree in the building process.

All our plants are fertilised naturally by the use of worm castings and compost from our Juice Bar.

When needed, we fumigate with natural pesticides that don’t harm plants or the eco system.

Our pool is chlorine free; we clean it with a salt system.

Our cleaning products are bio degradable and the containers in which they come, get sent back to the company that sells them to us, in order to e filled up again and again for further re-use.

We only use 100% natural and biodegradable soap and shampoo in the hotel.

We reduce, reuse, and recycle the most we can. We ask you kindly not to bring any plastic bags onto the property and to please use your towels more than once before sending them out to get washed.